U4-U16 Boys and Girls

Recreational Program

Our Recreational program is designed as an introduction to the sport, focusing on skills, character development and having fun. We create a safe, positive environment for kids to play and learn soccer.

REGISTRATION CLOSES: February 21- Waitlist or as needed thereafter

Spring Season: March 30 – May 18



Dates and Registration

TO REGISTER AS A NEW PRIDE PLAYER- CREATE AN ACCOUNT AND ADD YOUR CHILD AS A PARTICIPANT/PLAYER. You’ll then see a list of available programs for your child’s age group. Select your program, continue checking out.

Spring Season games begin March 30 and run every Saturday until May 18.  Make-up games may occur on Sundays.

Registration will close on February 21. 


Teams and Ages

Our recreational division is suitable for many ages, and all skill levels are welcome!

-We accept players from U4-U16 years of age!

-Teams are broken up by:

-age (u4 through u16)
-gender (male or female)

-The age range for participants in each age group is dependent on their birthday, and age groups are primarily grouped by the school calendar birthdays (August 1 through July 31).

-The correct age group for your player will populate at time of registration.

Note: Players may not play in an age group younger than their designated division unless accompanied with a doctor’s note.


The home team is listed first, and wears RED. The away team is listed second, and wears WHITE. Please always pack both jerseys on game day.

Order Your Rec Soccer Uniforms Here

Coaching Staff

Recreational coaches are wonderful volunteers who receive guidance and materials from our Directors Mackenzie Morris and Derik Brooks.

-Each team coach will choose their teams practice nights, times and locations.

-U4-U6 teams will normally have 1 practice per week, U7-U8 will have 1 or 2 and U9 and up will usually practice twice per week.

-The team coach will receive their roster prior to the first game and is responsible to contact all the players to set up the practices.

-All volunteers are required to pass a background check, complete the SafeSport course requirements, and complete the Heads Up concussion exam prior to their team’s first game.

Want to volunteer to coach? You can sign up as a Head or Assistant coach at the time of your player’s registration for the Fall or Spring season, or e-mail Mackenzie Morris or Derik Brooks directly (contact info at bottom of page)


U4-U6 $100.00
U7-U8 $120.00
U9-U10 $170.00
U11-U16 $170.00

*Note- fees do not include the price of the uniform.


El Pomar Sports Park
2212 Executive Circle, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Cottonwood Creek Park
7040 Rangewood Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Woodland Hills Park
3617 Woodland Hills Drive, Colorado Springs, CO

Mary Kyer Park
1102 Middle Creek Parkway, Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Lewis Palmer High School
1300 Higby Road, Monument, CO 80132

Grant Park
3215 Westwood Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918


*All locations maintain a policy of no smoking, vaping or alcohol.


Refund Policy

Please note our normal refund policy below:

If you cannot play we can refund all but $25.00 per player prior to the posting of the schedule. There are no refunds once the schedules are completed.

It is the policy of Pride Soccer Club to refund registration fees only if your player moves more than 50 miles from his/her primary residence prior to the start of season or if the player is unable to participate due to a season ending injury or illness as documented by a physician. Administrative fees will be applied to any/all refunds.

No refunds or credits will be allowed for any other reasons. If Pride Soccer Club is unable to place your child on a team, a full refund is issued. Conflicts with practice schedules or location are not grounds for refund. Refund requests due to injury must be made in writing and within 2 weeks of injury or illness and must have a physician’s note included. There will be no reimbursements granted for any programming cancelled due to forfeited games, weather, pandemic or acts of God.

Recreational Objectives & Sessions

Common Questions

Want to volunteer?

We are almost always looking for coaches! If you’re interested, email Mackenzie Morris or Derik Brooks (contact info at bottom of page)

Want to pay off fees?

We are in need of field marshals for the rec season! An easy way to get money back for your child’s soccer! E-mail Mackenzie (mmorris@pridesoccer.com) for more details. Please ask about other avenues to work off fees.


Who is my coach, and when does my child train?

Returning coaches will receive priority. If your child’s team does NOT have a coach, you will receive an e-mail. Coaches are VOLUNTEERS (that receive weekly curriculum and education from Pride) that choose the DAY, TIME, and LOCATION of team training. This information is not available until teams are formed.

When are games?

During season, games will be played each Saturday. Additional Sundays may be used for make-up games due to weather. Game schedules will be released after teams are formed.
Game times can range between 8am to 5pm. The schedule is typically released in its entirety for the season.

Do I need a uniform?

If you played last season, you don’t need to purchase a new uniform unless you just want to.
If you’re new or have outgrown your uniform, you can order it at the following link. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery just in case. You will need the red AND white jersey, black shorts, and black socks.
You’ll also need SHIN GUARDS and CLEATS. Any sporting goods store can help you out with these purchases.

What other activities are available for my child?

We have camps throughout the year that are offered in the Recreational program.  See the Camps & Clinics tab for more details.

Can I coach?

Contact Mackenzie Morris or Derik Brooks (contact info at bottom of page)


Recreational Rules and Formats
  • U4-U6
  • U7 & U8
  • U9 & U10
  • U11-U16
  • 8 game season
  • Saturday games
  • Some Sunday make-up games
  • Potential double-header days
  • Cottonwood Creek Park, Woodland Hills, El Pomar, Mary Kyer, Grant Park, and Lewis Palmer
Pride Standards Chart (Includes ball sizes)

U4-U8 is a size 3 soccer ball
U9-U12 is a size 4 soccer ball
U13-U16 is a size 5 soccer ball


Behavioral Expectations


  • Set a good example for your players and team
  • Represent yourself, your players and Pride Soccer
  • Provide each player with a positive experience, safe environment and at least 50% play time
  • Teach the players!


  • Focus on the experience rather than the result and performance
  • Positive and encouraging; not coaching from sidelines


  • Have fun
  • Respect teammates, coaches, referees and opponents
  • Be coachable!!!


What to do in event of a ‘blowout’
Add players; work on tactics*
Zero tolerance of abuse of players, parents, coaches or referees – Referees are typically juniors, training prior to taking charge of competitive games. They are learning the role and need our help!

U4-U6 Rules

4v4 (no GK)
2×15 min halves
40×30 yard field
4×6 feet goals
Size 3 Ball
No heading
Kick-ins instead of throw-ins for Fall 2020
Coaches on the field refereeing
Scores not recorded

U7-U8 Rules

U7 – Coaches will be on field with players and no referee

U8 – Coaches no longer allowed on field

6v6 (5 plus a GK)
2×20 min halves
55×35 yard field
6×12 feet goals
Size 3 Ball
No heading
No punting – Build out line in effect
Throw ins
Coaches and parents may not stand behind goal
Scores only recorded by referee
Emphasis remains on development
4 goal ‘mercy rule’


U9-U10 Rules

7v7 (6 plus a GK)
2×25 min halves
55×35 yard field
6×12 feet goals
Size 4 Ball
No heading
No punting – Build out line in effect
Throw ins
Central referee
Coaches no longer on field. Coaches and parents may not stand behind goal
Scores only recorded by referee
Emphasis remains on development
4 goal ‘mercy rule’
Offside Rule in effect – From the build-out line (Not the half-way line)
FIFA laws in effect

U11-U16 Rules

9v9 (8 plus a GK)
2×25 min halves
75×47 yard field
7×21 feet goals
Size 4 Ball (U11/U12)
Size 5 Ball (U13/14)
Heading is permitted in games – should be ‘limited’ in training with emphasis on correct technique
Central referee
Coaches no longer on field. Coaches and parents may not stand behind goal
Scores only recorded by referee
Emphasis remains on development
4 goal ‘mercy rule’
Offside Rule in effect
FIFA laws in effect

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please send us an email or give us a call.

Mackenzie Morris

U4-U8 Recreational Director

719 597-6700 x207

Derik Brooks

U9-U16 Recreational Director

719 597-6700 x217

The Learning Comes From The Loving

In our recreational soccer program, we want our kids to fall in love with the game, learn the fundamentals, and play in a safe, fun environment.

Laura Y, Pride Soccer Parent

We found Pride's recreational program and knew instantly that we were home. It's run with clear and effective communication that gives players, parents, and coaches an environment to be excited about. Pride's passion for the game is evident at every level and age group.

Neil R, Pride Soccer Parent

“Pride Soccer has been a wonderful avenue for my kids to learn to love the game of soccer. Their focus on player development and integrity, from recreational to competitive is exactly what I want for my kids.”

Anna D, Pride Soccer Parent

“We have had the opportunity for our children to participate in soccer at Pride for the last 10 years! Pride has made a positive change in all of our lives and we’re thankful for the organization!”

Karina G, Pride Soccer Parent

“They always say, “it takes a village to raise a child”, and I wholeheartedly believe that. The Pride Family has helped shape my daughter through the love and concern shown by the coaches, the game, and the team concept. Thank you Pride family!”