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Youth Soccer Drills

Stop Turn

The “Stop Turn” is a strategic soccer move designed to quickly change direction, deceiving the defender by stopping the ball with the sole and then turning 180 degrees to face the opposite direction. This technique is vital for maintaining possession and creating space on the field, making it a fundamental skill for players at all levels to master for effective gameplay and maneuverability.


The Matthews move in soccer is a classic dribbling technique named after Sir Stanley Matthews, renowned for his ability to outmaneuver defenders. This move involves a deceptive feint with the body and foot to trick the opponent into thinking you’re going in one direction, only to quickly shift and take the ball in another. It’s celebrated for its simplicity yet effectiveness on the pitch, allowing players to create space and bypass opponents with style. Mastering Matthews can significantly enhance a player’s dribbling skills and agility on the field. 


The scissors move in soccer is a dazzling dribbling technique designed to outwit and bypass defenders. Executed by making a circular motion around the ball with one foot, then using the other foot to push the ball past the opponent, it’s a staple in the skillset of creative players aiming to add flair and unpredictability to their game. This move not only confuses defenders but also creates vital space for advancing or taking a shot at goal, making it a favorite among players looking to elevate their game with style.

Inside Cut

The Inside Cut is a fundamental soccer move, perfect for changing direction swiftly and evading defenders. By using the inside of your foot to cut the ball across your body, you can quickly shift the play and keep your opponents guessing. It’s an essential skill for players at all levels, enhancing their ability to maintain possession and navigate tight spaces on the field. Mastering the Inside Cut not only improves agility but also opens up new avenues for passing and attacking.

Wall Ball

Using Wall Ball in soccer training is an excellent way to improve your skills independently. This practice focuses on enhancing your control, precision, and strength by kicking the ball against a wall and receiving it. It helps players of all levels, from beginners to advanced, to work on their passing, shooting, and first touch under varied, repetitive conditions. Wall Ball in soccer serves as a highly effective, straightforward method to fine-tune technique, boost reaction times, and increase overall ball handling proficiency, making it a staple in individual training routines.

Inside Outside 

The “Inside-Outside” technique in soccer is a valuable skill that focuses on using both the inside and outside parts of the foot for dribbling, controlling, and maneuvering the ball. This approach allows players to maintain closer control while moving the ball swiftly in different directions, making it harder for defenders to predict their next move. Mastering this technique can significantly enhance a player’s agility and effectiveness on the field, contributing to improved overall performance and the ability to navigate through tight spaces with confidence.

L Move

The “L Move” in soccer is a dynamic dribbling technique that involves dragging the ball back with the sole of the foot and then pushing it to the side, forming an “L” shape. This maneuver is particularly useful for evading defenders and changing direction quickly, offering a creative way to maintain possession and create space in tight situations. Perfecting the L Move can give players a tactical edge, enhancing their ability to outsmart opponents with clever footwork.