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U11-U14 & U15-U18/19 Boys & Girls (separated by age group)

Goalkeeper WARS Camp

 July 1, 2023
Our Goalkeeper Wars Camp creates a competitive, fun, and tournament-style camp for players to develop and learn to perform in pressure situations.

Camp Details

Ages & Levels

U11-U14 & U15-U18/19 Boys and Girls

Separated by age group

Coaching Staff

Ran by Director of Goalkeeping Peter Griggs 


Dates & Times

July 1, 2023
8:00am – 3:30pm


Individual: $90 for guaranteed 4 games. 

Golden Glove awards for champions.

Pride Soccer Complex

8700 E Woodmen Rd

Colorado Springs, CO 80908


Common Questions

What are the tournament rules of the camp?
Tournament Rules:

– Anyone not actively playing a game must stay off the field(s).
Goalkeeper gloves and cleats are required for the tournament.
– Shin-guards are not required, but suggested.
– Any player who exhibits unsportsmanlike conduct (as determined by the referee or director) will immediately forfeit the match and may forfeit additional matches at the discretion of the director.
– Games can end in a tie (see game play below)
– Anyone not playing is expected to uphold the same sportsmanlike conduct as those on the pitch. Anyone (observer or player) who does not treat other participants/nonparticipants (including referees) respectfully will be removed from the tournament and/or the complex or field.
– If the tournament is cancelled due to weather before more than half the guaranteed games are played, registration will be transferred to the make-up date. In the event that a player cannot attend the make-up date, email immediately.
– Refunds will not be given if a player is late to the tournament, forfeits due to unsportsmanlike conduct, withdraws less than 24 hours prior to the start, or chooses to withdraw from the tournament after it has begun.
– In the event a player is injured, if they are cleared by the trainer they will need a doctor’s note of the injury to receive a refund.
– In the event of a weather delay, refunds will not be given if the event continues that day without the player.
– In the event of inclement weather, if players have played more than half their guaranteed games, the tournament will be considered “complete” and winners will be determined by points awarded in pool play.
– The tournament will begin with randomly assigned pool play within age groups (boys and girls will be combined unless registration is too large and requires the groups to split). Registration numbers will determine the number of pool play games for each individual player.
– Game numbers will be communicated no later than the start of the first games. Due to the possibility of cancellations or late registrations, this will not be communicated more than a week in advance. All players should arrive on time and ready to participate in the first game as either a player or a ball kid.
3 points will be awarded for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss, and 1 additional point for a keeper with a point spread of more than 10 points in a game.
– In the event of a tie, the following will break it in order moving in to bracket play:
– Number of 10-point spreads
– Goal differential
– Forfeits
– Lowest goals conceded
– Sudden death PK shootout
– Once bracket play begins, there will be no more ties. If a game is tied at its end, it will resume with a one minute “golden goal” overtime with possession start being decided the same way start of game possession was.
– If no goals are scored in that minute, keepers will move to a PK shootout (best of 5)
– Referees at their own field will have final decision-making power of any rule interpretations, point changes, and penalties. The tournament director and other referees will not, and cannot, override these decisions. They will be made on the field by the referee.
– All games will be a total of 7 minute long. – Between games, keepers will have 5 minutes to get to their field and be ready to play before they are forced to forfeit.
– Any player who does not arrive in time to participate in the possession decision will automatically give possession to the keeper present to start.
– The game will begin at the end of the 5 minutes to ensure the tournament stays on schedule. If a keeper is not in goal at the end of the 5 minutes (the start of the first half), it is an automatic forfeit.
– If a player is in the finals and does not show up on time for their game (start of the 1st half), the next player in rank will take their position. So, stick around and watch games even if you lose earlier, you might get lucky!

What are the game rules in this camp?

Regulations by Age:
– U11-U12 boys and girls: 18×12 field, 7’x21’ goal*, size 4 ball
– U13-U14 boys and girls: 24×24 field, 8’x24’ goal, size 5 ball
– U15 boys and girls: 24×24 field, 8’x24’ goal, size 5 ball
*Goal and field sizes are subject to change based on the availability of goals and field space.

Start of Play:
– Games will be comprised of 3-minute halves with a 1-minute half time. Games will not start late (first or second half). Any keeper not ready to go at the start of the 1st half forfeits the match. At the start of the 2nd, play will begin without them.
– Injury time will not change the length of a game. If a player has an injury that requires more than 1 minute of game play, the injured player will be asked to either continue to play or forfeit at the end of that minute.
– First possession of each game will be determined randomly. The method will be chosen by the referees. Their options include, but are not limited to: rock paper scissors, a coin toss, whichever player has the best knock-knock joke, whoever is closer to a number within a range (“pick a number 1-5”), holding a number behind their back to be guessed at, or whichever player can recite the alphabet backwards fastest.
– The game begins when the referee counts down the last 10 seconds to the start of game and gives the ball to the player that won possession.

Game Play:
– For the entirety of each game, there will only be one ball in play at a time.
– Only referees will return balls into play when they go out of bounds.
– Once play begins, the keeper in possession of the ball has 5 seconds to attempt to score, similar to a shot clock in basketball. The referee is solely responsible for this time and will count down the final 3 seconds each time out loud.
– In the event a player shoots after time ends, any resulting points do not count.
– When a keeper is scored on, they gain possession to start the next scoring attempt.
– Possession will change naturally throughout play by whichever keeper has control of the ball (regular soccer rules apply to possession changes). Each time a keeper gains control of the ball (as determined by the referee), their shot clock starts.
– This means if a keeper shoots and then gets their own rebound, they start a new 10-second shot clock.
– Keepers can never cross the halfway mark.
– In the event a keeper crosses over mid-field with any part of their body, they forfeit possession of the ball and any points resulting from them crossing mid-field will not be counted toward their score. Continued occurrences may result in a point penalty by the referee.
– Each time any part of the ball crosses the goal line, one point is scored for the opposing keeper. This means “own goals” will still count.
– Keepers can use any means of scoring including, but not limited to: drop-kicks, kicking, punching, granny throws, punting, throws, rolls, flip throw-ins, or bicycle kicks (the last two are especially cool, but please don’t hurt yourself).
– If a player is suspected of delay of game (faking an injury, kicking balls away from the field, delaying in retrieving an out-of-bounds ball, etc.), the referee may penalize them any number of points they deem fit. This includes penalizing them enough points to put them behind their opponent.

End of Game:
– If a game is delayed due to weather after the first half, the score stands as it was at the time of the delay if it is later cancelled.
– Referees will report the scores to the tournament scorekeepers and the referees will then tell each player where to move for their next match.

What is the mission of the camp?
Our mission is to help every player improve throughout our camp. We want to create a fun and creative learning environment that is supportive to each level of player. We also are driven to help players achieve their goals of playing at the next level, which is why we want to share our knowledge and help as much as possible.
What is the camp philosophy?
Our philosophy is that every player has different talents and strengths, but there is always room for improvement. We will focus on specific aspects of the game and technical pieces for all players but break down the focus of these to fit each player’s needs.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please send us an email or give us a call.

Peter griggs

Phone: 719 597-6700 x211

Camp Changes Everything

Our mission is to help every player improve throughout our camp. We want to create a fun and creative learning environment that is supportive to each level of player. We also are driven to help players achieve their goals of playing at the next level, which is why we want to share our knowledge and help as much as possible.

Laura Y, Pride Soccer Parent

We found Pride's recreational program and knew instantly that we were home. It's run with clear and effective communication that gives players, parents, and coaches an environment to be excited about. Pride's passion for the game is evident at every level and age group.

Neil R, Pride Soccer Parent

“Pride Soccer has been a wonderful avenue for my kids to learn to love the game of soccer. Their focus on player development and integrity, from recreational to competitive is exactly what I want for my kids.”

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